Which are Blog Niches Making the Most Money in 2021?

The Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2021 Study

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Findings  Key Summary in 2021

-Which are Blog Niches Making the Most Money in 2021?

Blogging Niches with the Most New Blogs in 2021

Blogging Niches with the Newest Blogs in 2021

The Ad Networks Used by Pro Bloggers in 2021

Findings  Key Summary in 2021

The findings from this study will help new bloggers choose the right niche based on income and traffic potential. The best way to ensure that you have a successful blog is to follow proven paths to success.

Which are Blog Niches Making the Most Money in 2021?

We analyzed data from 803 blogs that were making $2000+ per month and/or getting 50,000+ monthly sessions. The data that was used came from a mix of income reports and surveys.

 Findings  Key Summary in 2021

###1. The food blog niche had the highest median income of the major blogging niches, which made it the most profitable niche.

###2. The niches that had the highest percentage of blogs with over 50,000 monthly sessions were; food (42.8%), lifestyle (13.3%), and travel (10%).

###3. Two of the top four highest-earning and highest traffic blogging niches (food and lifestyle) receive the majority of their traffic from recipe blog posts.

###4. The four highest traffic niches (food, lifestyle, travel, arts/crafts) account for 74% of all high traffic blogs.

###5. The top three types of blogs that people start a blog in are; lifestyle (25%), travel (18%), and food (13%).

###6. Seventy-two percent of bloggers making $2000+/month use either Mediavine or Adthrive as their ad management company.

###7. Bloggers make the vast majority of their income from ads, affiliate products, sponsored product reviews, their own products, and online courses.

Which are Blog Niches Making the Most Money in 2021?

For median income, food and personal finance blogs were at the top of the list. The food bloggers had a median monthly income of $9,169, and the personal finance bloggers came in just a hair below at $9,100

Which are Blog Niches Making the Most Money in 2021?

One of the most asked questions by bloggers is, “How much money do the most profitable blogging niches actually make?”

The next two niches that made up the top 4 were lifestyle/mommy blogs ($5174) and travel blogs ($5000).

While each niche has a group of topic verticals that produce the majority of their traffic, it does not come close to the concentration of traffic from recipe posts in the food and lifestyle niches.

Another finding showed that food bloggers make 42% of their money from ads and only 10% comes from affiliates. This is the biggest difference between ads and affiliate income out of all the major blog niches.

The chart below gives you the full income breakdown for food bloggers.

Blogging Niches with the Newest Blogs in 2021

There is a notable difference between the percentage of people that are starting blogs in the top niches in 2021 and the people having measurable success.

Out of all new blogs that were started in the past year, only 13% were from the food blogging niche. That is compared to 42 percent of all high traffic blogs being from the food niche.

I came across plenty of high traffic examples of blogs just doing posts on a sub-niche in outdoors and in arts and crafts. A few examples of these in the arts and crafts niche were knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, sewing, and embroidery.

Blogging Niches with the Newest Blogs in 2021

Other than the sub-niches that were within the top 14, there were very few examples of outliers having success in the study. That is not saying it can not be done. I have three blogs that are not in the top 14, and each of them gets over 1.5 million monthly sessions.

What this study points to are the clearest and easiest paths to success.

We used Google search stats to identify a 12-month estimate of the percentage of people starting blogs in each niche.

The Ad Networks Used by Pro Bloggers in 2021

For blogs that have at least 50% US traffic, the tipping point for blog income occurs at the 50,000 monthly sessions mark. This is the point when a blog qualifies for the two biggest ad networks (Mediavine and Adthrive).

Most bloggers can expect their ad income to increase by up to 1000% when they make the switch from any of the other lower-tiered ad networks. When I personally made the switch for my blogs I instantly increased my ad income by 7 fold.

The majority of pro bloggers use one of the two big ad networks. 72% of bloggers making at least $2000 a month using either Mediavine or Adthrive.

To succeed in just about any business you need to be able to combine hard work with working smart. These are easily the two most important factors 2021.

The working hard part of blogging is putting in one to two thousand hours writing blog posts. The working smart part is learning from bloggers who have had sustained success.

Last year, my blogs received over 50 million visitors. I have combined everything I use to achieve these results into an SEO toolset, which is powered by the most powerful AI on the planet in 2021.

In addition to the AI content optimization, I have a hand-picked keyword library for every single blog niche. Each library is filled with the lowest competition phrases that also have high traffic potential in 2021.

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