Officials say the investigation is just starting. Here is what we don’t know yet.

Kevin Daly.
Kevin Daly. Source: CNN

Kevin Daly, an area business owner who helped people escape the shooting at King Soopers grocery store, said he has never seen anything like this happen in the Boulder community.

“We are a loving, hippie community that believes in kindness,” he told CNN on Monday.

“It’s one of those things where you think about everything you can do better. We’re not really trained for this,” Daly added.

Daly was at his restaurant, which is located a “few hundred feet” away from the supermarket, getting ready to reopen after being closed because of the pandemic when he looked out the window.

He said he saw a “ton of police just pulling in really quickly.”

That’s when he called his staff and told them to shelter in place.

“I don’t want to get political but this shouldn’t have to happen in America,” he said.

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