Live updates: Kyle Rittenhouse trial and testimony

Kyle Rittenhouse testified that the night of the shooting, after speaking to a friend on the phone, he started running toward the Car Source to put out the fires that were being set at the business.

He said that as he was running, shooting victim Joseph Rosenbaum “came out from behind the car and ambushed me.”

Rittenhouse continued to narrate his attempt to get back to the Car Source where he was earlier that night. He said that as he was running, some protesters yelled at him, and he responded “friendly.”

As Rittenhouse continued to describe these moments he started to break down on the stand in tears.

“I look over my shoulder, and Mr. Rosenbaum was now running from my right side, and I was cornered from…in front of me…There were people right there,” Rittenhouse said, struggling to get the words out.

His attorney, Mark Richards, told him, “Take a deep breath, Kyle.”

When it became clear that Rittenhouse was going to continue to have a hard time speaking, the judge decided to take a break.

Rittenhouse’s testimony is expected to continue when court resumes.

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