Live updates: Ahmaud Arbery killing trial

The court is back from a short break and the defense team has begun their closing arguments. 

Attorneys for each of the three defendants will get up to one hour to present their closing arguments to the jury.  

About the defense’s argument: During their portion of the trial, the defense team called seven witnesses, including defendant Travis McMichael. 

They sought to paint a picture of a neighborhood that was concerned and fearful about the crime threat, saying the McMichaels were doing their civic duty when they got into their truck and attempted to talk to and detain Arbery, whom they believed was a responsible for a crime and acted in self-defense, when shooting him. 

Attorney Jason Sheffield, who represents Travis McMichael, is the first defense attorney to present. 

The arguments follow 10 days of proceedings and testimony from more than 20 witnesses. The defense rested Thursday. Lawyers and the judge worked Friday on jury instructions.

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