John Krasinski responds to Amy Schumer’s joke that his marriage to Emily Blunt is for publicity

Schumer raved about the movie, a sequel to the 2018 horror film, writing that the first one “blew me away.”

“I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew me away. Amazing to be in a movie theater!!” Schumer captioned a picture of the movie. She added, “I’ve said for a long time I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see it this rainy weekend.”

Krasinski, who also wrote the film, replied in the comments with,”Thank you Amy!… for blowing up our whole marriage spot.”

Krasinski and Blunt married 2010 and share two daughters.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Schumer was also in a joking mood after watching “Cruella,” starring Emma Stone.

“It’s well known Emma Stone is a toxic person but @disneycruella is amazing!!” she wrote on Instagram after watching the Disney movie.

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