Importance of Earphone in 2021

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We live in 21st century . The era where science and technology has reached its peak. In this century it seems that nothing is impossible in this world due to science and technology . Over the past few decades science and technology has invented various great things which were never expected in the history . One of the invention of science and technology is earphone .

Earphone is a small loudspeaker held or worn close to the listener’s ear or within the outer ear . There are various forms of earphone . Some include – the hand-held telephone receiver , the headphone , the plug earphone , etc . Earphone was invented by Fundamentalist Mormon and engineer Nathanial Baldwin in 1910 . Earphone works by converting electrical signals to sound.

Earphone has proved to be very useful device in this century . It is basically used for listening sound from computer , music player or other such electronic device . It provides entertainment to the people as people can listen to mucic by the help of it . The music heard through earphone is of another level which one can’t express. It is proven that good music makes us happier , better at concentrating and more productive . Headphones (form of earphone) are used in pubs or bars for providing entertainment to the people . people wear headphones and dance in pubs or bars . This helps to prevent sound pollution . It is silent form of entertainment and also a new and exciting form . Earphone is also useful professionally . People with music career use it . Professionally , headphones are used in editing videos and incorporating sound or for recording purposes . It also helps to maintain privacy as only one person at a time can listen sounds from it . It is useful to the people who listen high sound or the people with less hearing capacity as it has high volume . People can concentrate by the help of earphone asexternal sound doesn’t interupt. It is also useful in communications. In communications , there are headsets which combine the functionalities of microphone , a telephone , and a headphone . Earphone make our hands free while we are busy working and have an important call to attend . Also , they offer noise cancellation clear sound and are easy to use . By the help of headphones we can enjoy music friendlessly .

In the year 2020 , earphone has proved to be one of the excellent invention of science and technology . We all know that due to corona pandemic all the sectors are hampered . But the most which is hampered is education . In order to reduce the effects on education in this pandemic our government has made the provision of online classes . In online classes there is not exactly the same environment than that of school . While taking online classes external sounds interupts students . In this problem earphone can play vital role . Students can use earphone which will help them to concentrate only in the particular sound .

Although earphone has proven to be a very useful device we should use it by following precautionary measures otherwise it can be harmful. The earphone that goes over our ear can also damage the hearing if we use them too long or play music too loudly. Having the source in our ear canal can increase a sound’s volume by 6 to 9 decibels which is enough for causing some serious problems. It also affects the brain. The electromagnetic waves that the headphones generate result in problems for the brain. ear infections can also affect the brain. According to doctors, we should use earphones at levels up to 60% of maximum volume for a total of 60 minutes a day. And in case if we have to use it for more time then we should use it by giving rest to our ears for 5 – 10 minutes from time to time. If possible we should use wireless earphones as they release non-ionizing EMFs, which are low-level radiation. Non-ionizing EMFs haven’t been proven to be harmful to humans.

In conclusion , everything in this world have some merits as well as some demerits . It depends on the person who use it . Thus , we should use earphone carefully .

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