Biden orders flags at half-staff at the White House following FedEx shooting

Alfarena McGinty speaks during a press conference on April 16.
Alfarena McGinty speaks during a press conference on April 16. Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Alfarena McGinty, the chief deputy coroner at the Marion County Coroner’s Office, said they are not able to identify any of the shooting victims yet, and the coroner’s office is “in the process of conducting our investigation.”

“What we typically have to do is wait until all of the evidence has been collected. We are not able to go on to the scene yet to confirm any identity,” she said.

Right now, McGinty said the coroner’s office is working with the police department’s Victim Assistance and Chaplin Office to gather information.

She explained how the state of Indiana specifies how victims are identified, adding, “that process will take a little bit of time.”

“As you all know Indiana is very specific in how positive identification can be done – which is identification by a family member, dental, DNA and fingerprints – and so adhering to all of those measures, we must make sure that people that are identified on the scene are accurately and appropriately positively identified,” she said.

“We are still a number of hours out before we are able to go on to the scene to conduct our investigation, and then after that, we’ll work with the families. Following that process, what we have to do is we will perform our examinations,” she said, adding extra staff will be called in to complete those examinations in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Those investigations will confirm the actual cause of death, McGinty said.


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